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General Remarks:[]

  • Corn is one of the basic foodstuffs in the game
  • Gives +1 Hunger Point

The Stages of Corn Growth:[]

1) On the first day, it is necessary to plow and sow (this work is linked to strength). Do not forget to keep a bag to sow!

2) The corn grows from days 2-6 (five days).

3) On the 7th day it is necessary to harvest (this work is linked to the strength).

The Yields of a Corn Field[]


The number of bags a field yields is linked to the strength of the worker. (the sum of the strength point (SP) of the plow/sow + Harvest). It is important that those who sow and who harvest have a maximum of strength points, because the quantities of the bags are decided at these stages.

  • 0 SP >> 19 bags
  • 11 SP >> 20 bags
  • 22 SP >> 21 bags
  • 32 SP >> 22 bags


  • In the beginning, the corn field has a quality of 50%.
  • After sowing, you can bring the quality to 55%, if the worker has 20 SP or more.
  • After the harvest, you can bring the quality to 60%, always, if the worker has 20 SP or more.

The quality is raised from 50% to 60% if the strength points from sowing and harvesting added together are 40; so the same effect would occur if a worker with 40 SP sowed and a worker with 0 SP harvested, or the other way around. However, the number of strength points between the two jobs cannot exceed 40.

Knowing that it needs 4 SP to increase the quality by 1%, the quality calculation is as following :

Quality = A/4 + B/4 + 50 (where A is the SP of the sower and B the SP of the harvester)

Pricing and Hiring[]


Production is free (excluding the initial bag of corn needed to sow), but the price of the corn bag in the market must result in a scenario where consumers and producers are both profitable. The price is determined by the corn's producers guild. The average price of a corn bag is between 3.6 and 4 pounds.


It is recommended that producers that have some money in the purse and a low strength level to hire people with a higher strength (i.e 19). An employer also wins a reputation point when hiring a worker. The calculation of the salaries always allows the producer to reap a bigger profit from the interest of the employment. For indication, here is the scale of the salaries to apply in order to be attractive and profitable:

  • 0 SP >>> 16 pounds
  • 5 SP >>> 18 pounds
  • 10 SP >>> 20 pounds
  • 15 SP >>> 22 pounds
  • 20 SP >>> 24 pounds

The Useful Production[]

Useful Production is the production surplus that can be sold into the market. It calculates itself thus:

For a production of 22 corn bags :

22 - 1 (for the sow stage) => 21 bags

21 - 14 (for 7 days of food) => 7 bags

This 7 bags are the useful production!

Suggestions/Reasons for Growing Corn[]

It is recommended to try to spread your sales in the whole week; sell 1 to 2 bags a days to the minimum.

A farmer should try to maximize the strength levels of the workers working on his or her field.

  • Planned meals for the whole week--you can eat without spending any money (if you do not try not to increase your characteristics).
  • You can do other lucrative occupations and keep the entirety of your salary, since you are not obliged to buy food. That all while having a daily auxiliary income brought by your corn in surpluses.
  • If you choose to buy and eat foods for the points of characteristics that they retrieve, you can sell the 2 corns that had been set aside for that day; they will make up for the consented investment.
  • Corn is bought by the pig breeders with which they feed their beasts in addition to hungry players.

Source : Document of the University of France Authors : DucRochebond, kay, Jarkov & yliano Professeurs : Valim, frereNico Thanks to : Xaran, Uranium Translator : ShadowKate