—  Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Kalmar Union
County Kungadömet Sverige
Resource Forest
Province Province of (unknown)
Diocese Diocese of (unknown)
Established Nov 1460
 - Mayor Nynane
 - Mentor Fredrika
Population (16th August 1462)
 - Town 90
Falun is the second town in Kungadömet Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden)

Location Edit

Falun is located west of the Gefle, which you can travel to by foot eastward. If you travel south you will arrive to the danish capital of Helsingør.

Resources Edit

Falun is very famous for it's fruit orchards. Falun's fruit can also be seen in the markets of Gefle where it has been very popular to eat.

Not far from the town, a stone mine has also been established.

Taverns Edit

Current Taverns:

Mayors of Falun Edit

Cecci-  won the first election in the town's history with a majority of the votes (67%) against the challanger, Tituss, who later decided to become the town's first mentor. The election took place on the fith of December anno 1460.

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