Sir Ezekiel, Lord of Portchester Castle, Earl of Portsmouth is 5'6", has dark brown hair and a sturdy build figure which he got from hard labor in the County mines near Southampton.

Early LifeEdit

Once Ezekiel sailed the Northern Sea on the “Westlande”, regularly making trips from the port of Rotterdam to the Kingdom of England. Then, one day, his ship got caught in a terrible storm and Ezekiel fell overboard. When he woke up he found himself in the back of a cart. He got up and asked the man riding the cart how he got there. It seemed he was washed ashore, found by the man and the man took him with him to his home. After a few months of working for the man, Ezekiel decided it was time to go somewhere else, and so, with some money, he got to the town of Southampton.

Past LifeEdit

Since his arrival in Southampton, Ezekiel has come very far. He is now a proud citizen of Salisbury and the owner of a piece of land on which he has build a small house for himself. He also has a corn farm, a pig farm and he owns his own workshop for he now is a blacksmith. He has worked in the County mines, in the local Church, in the Town and County militia, done some fishing, cut some trees and helped a lot of other villagers with their farms. He also made some friends. All this has made him a stronger man than he was when he first came to the Kingdom of England.

Current LifeEdit

Ezekiel is again back in the Kingdom of England. After travelling all the way south from the Kingdom of Scotland where he moved to after the foul former regent Richard Degas, most wrongfully, issued an attainder against him. The attainder has been lifted, but Ezekiel will never again trust a regent. Now, once again, he is living in Salisbury, where he hoped to find peace once again. Alas, the death of the mayor of Dorchester disturbed his slumber and Ezekiel rode, once again on his trusted steed Eclipse, to aid the people of England, as God commanded. After restoring order he came home only to find a familiar situation in his home town and as such he took over the reigns of Salisbury. Both Dorchester and Salisbury have a new mayor again and both towns are doing well. Trade has flourished and the citizens are at ease once again. Finally Ezekiel thought he’d find the rest he longed for so long but alas, personal matters are constantly occupying his mind and make him restless… something needs to be done.

Titles and RolesEdit

Titles   Military   Occupations
  • Voted Mr Salisbury
  • Two time Mayor of Salisbury
  • Mayor of Dorchester
  • Former owner of The Cookie Dough Inn
  • Former Head Mentor of Salisbury
  • Former Count of Wiltshire, County Council
  • Former Spokesperson of Wiltshire, County Council
  • Former Sergeant of Wiltshire, County Council
  • Former Captain of Wiltshire, County Council
  • Former Constable of Wiltshire, County Council
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