Renaissance Kingdoms
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Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Kingdom of England
County Mercia
Resource Fruit
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Worcester
Established Oct 1454
 - Mayor Julian_waringham
 - Mentor Chereisa
Population (25 Nov 1465)
 - Town 238

Evesham is an Orchard town, located in the County of Mercia, Kingdom of England. It was previously a City in the county of Worcester, until its merge with Stafford.

Evesham is the closest Mercian town to Devon County, a point that connects North of England with its Southern region.

Other than having an Orchard, Evesham has access to a stone quarry north-west shared with the capitol, Worcester.

In the spring of 1464, Magical Tree Festival was held in Evesham. Some of the interesting activities included: Champ of the Taverns (a drinking contest), Songs of the Soul (Poetry/Song contest) and King of the Knuckles (Arena duels).

At the moment, Evesham is hosting a Frotune-telling Tent where Niamh deals tarot cards and reads your fortune. You can also try your luck playing a puzzle game, the Medieval Hangman, conducted by Ellyria.

Last but certainly the sweetest and trickiest, Hidden Chocolate game lead by Chereisa. You have to get a chocolate out of a bowl full of whipped cream but... WITHOUT using your hands and all in under twenty seconds. Sounds yummmy!

Evesham is also known as Drunkensham, a nick-name given by Tut to indicate the happy atmosphere and sometimes a little too cheerful townsfolk. Something similar was done by Theseus, who created a group of dedicated ale lovers called Beer-drinkers of Evesham or B.D.O.E. for short.

Town Council[]

  • Mayor:
  • Mayor's Assistant:
  • Minister of Information:
  • Chief Mentor:
  • Minister of Morale:
  • Minister of Law:
  • Minister of Market Regulation:
  • Minister of Security:
  • Priest: Claire.blackthorn


  • The Royal Oak Inn - Owned and managed by Evesham Town Hall.
  • The Rapier and Rose - Owned and tended by Claire.blackthorn. 
  • The Broken Drum - Owned and tended by Elbereth, you can play poker here.
  • The Black Dragon - Owned and tended by Valkobo.
  • Rondoval S'mores Campfire Evesham - Owned by Kei and tended by Ellyria.
  • Ye Olde Town Inn - Owned by Correus. Bartender is Faith.
  • Over the Rainbow Inn - Owned by Merlyna. Bartender is Brennustaranis.

Shops and Workshops[]

  • Harebell Cottage - Corinna's Herbal and Botany Shoppe - owned by Corinna.macbratney
  • MacBratney Medicines and Surgery - owned by Beaker

Famous Townsfolk[]

  • Lady_gina
  • Theseus
  • .Brennus.
  • Nanao
  • Princejohn
  • Ellyria
  • Claire.blackthorn
  • Corinna.macbratney
  • Beaker

Mayors past and present:[]

  • Chereisa
  • Claire.blackthorn
  • Kazix
  • Nanao
  • Kazix
  • Nanao
  • Kazix
  • Claire.blackthorn
  • Merlyna
  • Beaker
  • Beemo
  • Princejohn
  • Correus