Eve23 is a resident of Preston, having moved from Liverpool in September 1456. She was member of the Lancaster Home Guard for some time, but left in early 1458. She currently farms two vegetable fields, and opened a butchery in October 1456. Eve was engaged to Sirfuller for a short time, before it was called off after a breakdown in communication whilst he was mayor. During this time she met Tomstone, a member of The Knights of Phoenix and they had an intense five month affair, they travelled together having many adventures, they took part in the victorious battle against the Cumberland in 1457. in April that year the affair ended, Tom left England and a heartbroken Eve. After that, she has had various flings, but hasn't managed to settle down. By the end of 1457 she had begun studying biology and medicine at the university, and had established herself as a 'helper' of the town: taking goods to trade in Liverpool, and providing cheap butchering for the Preston Town Hall.

In January/February 1458 Eve joined the Wolves of Sherwood, and spent several months in Warwick and surrounding towns. In July/August she was one of the group that took the power in Stafford, and during the fighting that saw the town taken back, she was mortally wounded. Before her death, she was able to travel back to Preston to sort out her affairs, but died shortly after.

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