Etariel is currently a new player living in Manchester, Westmorland.

Player InformationEdit

Level: 3

Reputation: 6

Etariel has one wheat field.

Profile DescriptionEdit

Etariel's companion is a medium-sized black dog with tan markings. Her ancestors hailed from Finland. Her ancestor was imported from Finland by nobility who favoured the Finnish dogs' looks. It quickly became a fad in the court to have a Finnish dog. Her name is Talvi. Etariel thoroughly enjoys talking about her dog.


Appearance-wise Etariel is small of stature and slim. Her most notable feature is the wild, untameable hair coloured like straw. Her eyes border on violet but more often reflect the colour of the sky.

A young woman with a powerful secret struggling to find her way in society. Her ultimate goal is to become the royal adviser on all things occult. Though she finds herself recently downtrodden, she is intelligent and well-educated. She is fluent in French and Spanish

Her late father, John, was a scholar and her late mother Katherine was a minor courtier. She is the only surviving person of an attack that killed both her parents and her younger brother. As such she dislikes speaking about her family. Because of that misfortune Etariel finds herself impoverished and is beginning a life for herself in Manchester.

Her father valued education, and Etariel was educated in mathematics, astrology and astronomy, occult philosophy including arithmancy, alchemy, divination, and hermetic philosophy. Etariel's divination skills in arithmancy are quite developed and she holds no small skill in astrology.

Because of her education and her talents in the occult, she is a loner and often finds herself excluded from others. They fear her talents and proclaim she is a witch. Yet they often seek her advice and aid in supernatural problems and abnormal illness.

Overall, despite the distrust she is shown she is kind and helpful. She enjoys close friendships as much as any book. However, she keeps her secrets to herself and can often be found wistfully gazing out into the world as if she were reading the future.

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