Eric Cedricson
—  Bristol resident  —
Eric Cedricson
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Know thy self
Full title Sir Eric Cedricson
Place of Residence (unknown), Bristol, Somerset
Affiliations (unknown)
In-game name Ericedricson
Account created 3 July 2007
Forum name Ericcedricson

Sir Eric Cedricson is originally from Southampton in the southern county of Wiltshire. He currently resides in Bristol in the county of Somerset, having lived previously in Preston in the County Palatine of Lancaster, and Beeston in Chester.

Eric Suit

Sir Eric in his best man's suit

Family Edit

- Wife : Engaged to Grizelda

- Children : None

Description Edit

Shipwrecked in Southern England, Eric grew up in Southampton and enjoyed his tavern life and his job as Town Marshall, occasionally ringing the Town Bells to keep the town on its toes. As a hobby he ran political campaigns for those seeking public office, but never aligned to a Political Party.

The October 1455 Civil War in Chester inspired Eric to move north and help rebuild areas devastated by the War. He sold up his fields in Southampton and made the lone trek to Beeston, to assist the town and provide much needed aid. Eric had many an adventure on the road and drank ale with soldiers of both sides of the conflict, making it safely to Beeston unscathed.

Upon his arrival Eric presented the residents of Beeston with gift: the finest pieces of Salted Meat money could buy. The gift was unfortunately taken by a butcher who was efficiently dealt with by the Justice of Chester; an interesting beginning to Eric's life in Beeston.

While on a journey south Eric fell from his horse and took time to recover, but he soon arrived at a spiritual crossroads. While contemplating his existence one evening he met a weary traveler in the taverns and offered to escort her the rest of the way on her journey to Preston, a couple towns north of Beeston in the County Palatine of Lancaster. Eric saw potential in the fledgling town which was still recovering from the Ireland Exodus months earlier. Eric moved to Preston in early July of 1456.

Eric was elected to the Mayor's office in late August of 1456. He soon after became engaged to his neighbor, Lady Grizelda von Liechenstein.

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