Epignosis Photismo (in English, the Light of Knowledge) is a group of persons interested in learning, discussion, debate, and personal growth in Understanding of the Creator, and the Creation.


Epignosis Photismo was founded by Bloodstone and Fugue in January 1456.


As stated by the founder of Epignosis Photismo, Bloodmoon:

"THERE COMES a time when integrity demands action against the continuation of injustice. That time is now. I stand before you today as a man, as a citizen of England. Nor more shall I claim allegiance to, or acquiescence to, the Universal Aristotle Church.

Aristotle, our professed guide to the understanding of Jah, teaches us many things about the nature of man, our relationship to the Almighty and how we should treat each other. The URACE has, in its arrogance, moved away from Aristotle and become that which all good men and women should abhor."

Epignosis Photismo positions itself as an organisation that will provide an alternative to the clergy of URACE while at the same time keeping the Teachings of Aristotle.

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