Encumbrance (load) is a mechanism restricting the capacity to carry objects placed within:

  • A character’s inventory:

a maximum of 200 points of load capacity +20 points per every 50 points of strength (for example 300 points of load carrying capacity at 250 points of strength).

  • A ship: each ship has its own carrying capacity.

A loading cart augments by 200 points the inventory’s load capacity when part of the inventory. Only one single cart is taken into account for this increase in capacity, so it is of no use to own multiple carts!

Every object has its own hindrance value.

The hindrance value of a grant is added to that of inventory, so if the grant contains 100 points of hindrance and an inventory capacity of 60 points, then your character will be hit for 160 points total.

What is part of one's wardrobe does not count towards hindrance. On the other hand all that a character is equipped with is taken into account when contributing to the load of the inventory (small ladder, large ladder, shield, sword, axe, staff, small boat). When the inventory’s load limit is exceeded it is not possible to work or travel, but it is always possible to get onboard a boat for instance.

Inventory residing in the hold of a ship or else a flat, one’s home property, etc does not add to this limitation.

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