Early LifeEdit

Ellismira was born in a Gypsies vardo. Her mother was a wandering dancer who earned her living by dancing in bars & taverns around Ireland... Elli remembers the early years of her life as the fun, colorful whirlwind of Gypsy life... Her mother taught her how to dance, preparing her to be her successor as a wandering dancer.

When Elli was 8, her & her mother had a horrible accident. All Elli remembers is waking up to find her mother dead & their vardo crashed to the ground & burning... Upon hearing stuttering footsteps close by & the horrible giggles of drunk men she fled to the woods where she lived for long time, only able to survive the wild life because of a special feature she had... Her ability to communicate with animals, specially wild ones.

She wandered the forests of Ireland for almost nine years, fleeing for her life every time she meets a group of travelers or soldiers... She finally reaches the famous forest of An Gort.

Discovering a familyEdit

In the forests of An Gort she discovers a clearing, full of vardos that reminded her of her mother's, a dance around the bonfire confirmed her feelings that these people must be related to her mother somehow, not knowing what to do... She just jumps in their midst..

They simply stared at her, their Kralisi Fae, approached her & she gently took her to her vardo... Where she heard her story & welcomed her among them... Going out to announce the joining of a new member to the Gypsies..

Finding LoveEdit

She met a young man in his tavern... First asking to take her to a dinner, a picnic to be precise... She had accepted... Things developed as she grew fond of the man & he obviously had the same feelings... That night ended with her acceptance to be his wife...

DynV, nicknamed Vincent by the Gypsies, was now the source of happiness in her life... Life had began to smile upon her in the dark days her family was facing...

The FutureEdit

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?? All she wants now is to face the unknown with her loved ones... Vincent & her Gypsy family

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