Egremont is a small fishing village towards the North of England located in the county of Westmorland. This town has access to an Iron mine that it once shared with the neighboring town of Keswick (mine can accommodate 75 workers per day). Eggy (as the locals call it) can only be reached by passing through Penrith, it has no other paths of entry on land, but can be entered through the sea via Port of Egremont.

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Egremont Flag.gif
Coat of arms
Motto: England's Hidden Secret
Country England
County Westmorland
Resource Fish
Province Province of York
Diocese Diocese of York
Established March 1457
 - Mayor Nivera
 - Mentor Jessa.jane
Population (6th May 1463 [2015])
 - Port Town 103

Location[edit | edit source]

Egremont is located in North Westmorland, and can only be accessed from Penrith, which is directly south of the English-Scottish border, or by sea.

Government[edit | edit source]

This town has laws against slavery, speculation, hoarding or dumping. The market is one of the most competitive in the land. This makes it a wonderful trading port.

Mayor History[edit | edit source]

Harekr x2 (Dead)

Atri Patron Saint of Egremont x4 (Dead)

Blainwolfe x2

B5cmdrmo (Beemo)


Bobalob (Dead) (Resigned)

Blainwolfe x2

Esther (Resigned)

Lord Pug (Dead)



Blainwolfe x2


Poacher x2

United_We_Stand x2 

Osbert x3

Saskia x3

Jken418 x8

Quannanhade x4

Nivera x1


Mistyblue x1

Gargensis x1

Arai x1



Grace. x2

Eldarad x4


Siren [revolt]

Jken418 [revolt]


Jken418 x2



Lilith_ x5




Nivera x3

Eldarad x5

Hikenai (2/5/1463)

Nivera (as of May 6, 1463) x3

Mentors[edit | edit source]

Atri (Dead)


Kelster x10



Draco6slayer x2

Darvin x2








Jessa.jane x14

Parish Priests[edit | edit source]








Roy_garlock (sacristan deacon)




Ashton256 x4

Planning Assistant[edit | edit source]


Jessa.jane x8

Activities Assistant[edit | edit source]



Ayleth. x9

Economy[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Egremont's economy has worsened with war. Many citizens have left town to fight, and so production and consumption are low. Egremont is one of very few towns that has a small enough amount of wheat to cope with, which can be attributed to recent mayors' and mentors' suggestions. Prices have fallen in recent times, as the lack in consumer money (due to the temporary loss of the mine) has driven them cheaper. Price of living is 3.8 pounds per day. Income from county work is 16.50. Average weekly gains are at 88.9 pounds (Not calculating for fields).

Port[edit | edit source]

Egremont has a level 4 port and is the northernmost developed harbour in England. Failed hulks and merchant cogs are built and sold here at very reasonable prices. Please contact the mayor if interested.

Harbourmasters[edit | edit source]

Currently: Kelster

In the past, have been: Kelster, United_we_stand, Saskia, Jken418, Jewbeard, Nivera, Eldarad, Hazre, Roy_garlock, Janko

Ships built[edit | edit source]

Four failed hulks have been built at Egremont so far. The second one was completed on 30th December 1458 and was named Fish Slapper. She is owned by the town hall. The third was the Delicata, owned by Osbert, but unfortunately sunk in 1460. The fourth was the Cutty Sask, owned by the town hall, completed on 18th February 1459.

The first cog to be built in the Egremont docks was the Cumberland Angel, which was completed on 26th June 1460 and is owned by Arckangels.

History[edit | edit source]

August, 1458

Rebellion against government is successful, Sirover takes power from Saskia.

August 20, 1458

Two armies, the SaS 4th Battalion and 6th Blood Oath Army, arrive in town to assist the retake of power by Saskia.

August 22, 1458

The removal of Sirover is successful, Aragorn.Graham takes power temporarily.

August/September ?, 1458


March 1, 1459

Carlisle city was merge to th town following the creation of Westmorland.

Mrch 1460

The Fish Slapper and Delicata were sunk by NNGO. The Cutty Sask is still afloat.

January 1461

The Cutty Sask, a royal ship dedicated to Her Queenieness, Saskia, was sunk by the CA fleet following the blokade of Holywell.

January 1462

CA and NNGO successfully overtook Westmorland's capital, Kendal; and Egremont, together with Holywell, declared independence. Lilith Wallace was proclaimed queen of the sovereign city-state of Egremont.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

Atrian Language:[edit | edit source]

A language known as Atrian evolved as a joke. Atri, the first mayor made numerous spelling and pronunciation mistakes. People eventually stopped correcting her and instead responded: "Yes, we understand. We speak Atrian." It became considered as the official language and remained such until long after her death.

Present[edit | edit source]

Fish Slapping:[edit | edit source]

In taverns, whenever neccessary, fish are used to slap the faces of all those deserving a slap.

The first ship of the TH was named "The Fish Slapper", which proves to this very strong tradition.

There is an annual Fish Slapping contest conducted at the Egremont Hall.

Taverns[edit | edit source]

Previous[edit | edit source]

The Plough and Furrow[edit | edit source]

Owned by Atri, disappeared not long after her disappearance, but was a popular hang out and the first tavern created by a citizen in Egremont. In 1460 Atri of Egremont was made the patron saint of Egremont, her hagiography having been prepared by Bishop Prof Sloth, long time Westmorland resident, and former priest of Egremont. The miracles which occured after her death, and attributed to Saint Atri are included in the hagiograph.

The Naughty Wench[edit | edit source]

Owned by B5cmdrmo, built shortly after Atri's disappearance and named in honor of her. This tavern was built two separate times in town before being moved to Carlisle when B5cmdrmo moved there.

The Blind Man's Bluff[edit | edit source]

Owned by Lady_Dupree, this tavern was the only poker tavern in Egremont, and existed from close to the town's beginning. Only recently, early 1457, did this tavern close its doors.

The Wandering Minstrel[edit | edit source]

Owned by Bwoohaha

The Drunken Wharf Rat [edit | edit source]

Owned by Blainwolfe. Its is named after her pet rat, Bender, who has only one ear and a bent tai. It is the originating place of Bender Ale, which is a ocal favorite.

The Pen and Dragon[edit | edit source]

Owned by Wolfmist_pendragon

Mc Sim's tird

Owner: Simcard

Bartender: Sassy_anne_wallace

What The Wombat Really Wants

Owner: Corster_

Bartender: Corster_

The Pink Rose

Owner: Aragorn.graham

Bartender: Aragorn.graham

The Beast with two Bucks

Owner: Gerak

Bartender: Gerak

Current[edit | edit source]

The Conservatoriam of insane Piglet Carriers [edit | edit source]

Owned by the Town of Egremont Named in July 1458 by Stela_Mae.

Frequently busy, sometimes full. Always stocked with £5 bread and £17 meat.

Previously named The Dancing crab .

Kels Bells [edit | edit source]

  • Owner:Kelster
  • Bartender: Marae
  • Welcome to Kels Bells
  • Please work in the mine as often as you can!
  • Argo's rant....hhtps://

Dark Knight Head Quaters

  • Owner: Arckangels
  • Bartender: Arckangels
  • Beer for 1.00 pound, Menus from 5.00 pounds
  • Well yes i am no mayor for this months and maybe hoping to be back next month.

We should see the difference in manadgement by then.... still i am keeping my project that is to have cheap food place in tavern so that all of you may enjoy it.... The Dark Knight Order Head quaters will be serving Bread at still 5 pounds and a bread/corn menu at 7.50 pounds Newbies are welcome to eat foods at cheaper then what is being sold on the market. London Cafe

  • Owner: Astalavista
  • Bartender: Astalavista

Citizens[edit | edit source]

Notable Citizens:

Blainwolfe- Honorable Mayoress, retired {Baroness of Lanercost}

Draco6slayer- [deceased] a great mentor, former town historian

Kelster- a military extraordinaire, former count of Westmorland, the most handsome harbor master, and loyal friend  {Viscount of Newark-on-Trent, Baron of Ravenglass}

Hikenai- wife to Kelster Wallace, sister to Chrisiusmaximus, Veroncia de Peche Graham, the late Paddy Douglas(Paddy the Scot) and the late Mistyblue de Peche. Hik is a blacksmith and member of WmlTF. She is also Archdeaconess of York, and rector of the Order of St. Dwywai, the Estatic.

Neonea Wallace- daughter of Kelster and Hikenai Wallace, Neo is a delightfully captivating child of around nine years old. If the situation calls for it, she is a warrior child, known to wield a sword as nimbly as she kneed a blob of dough in her bakery shop.

Osbert- The town's official "Ossyclopedia", all-so knowledgable and furry, brother to Kelster Wallace, former count of Westmorland, beloved husband to Aefernum {Viscount of Mold, Baron of Barrow-in-Furness}

Saskia- Greatest Saskia of Egremont, ex-queenie and forever monach of this town. Still cried when she sank with the ship. {Baroness of Great Corby}

Jewbeard- {Prince of England}

United_We_Stand - what can we say?

Caitilin- head of the noble House deStryke {Viscountess of Sudbury, Earl of Wigton, Marchioness of Cumbria}

Elanag-[deceased] humble baker that helps the town.

Nivera- former mayor, admiral.

Bwoohaha- former mayor. {Baroness Kirkby}

Varana- one of the county's best commanders, even though he sucked at battle when it came to him.

Areth-[deceased] humble baker, a magic flute payer

Jken418- The infamous Supeme Dictator of Egremont, a great public servant, but a miser. {Baron of Wetheral}

Stella_mae- The great map-maker and cartographer

Baldar - {Baron of St. Ives, Viscount of Carlisle}

Lilith- the feather of doom master, good with cake! Sister to Osbert and Kelster Wallace, and wife to Roy Garlock

Quannanhade- Town's weaving master and an excellent profiteer, former mayor

Prof_Sloth- Town's lunatic Cod-loving priest, former bishop of Llanely Diocese, currently archbishop of York

Miniphoenix- [deceased] the famous ex-duchess of Cumberland

Henry- former council member. Sweetest guy in all of England!! - from Henry's fan club, Sir Roby123's Squire, {Viscount of Blindcrake}

Sheonakari- BW's sister

Marae- ye olde and ancient, one of town's military folk {Baroness of wells}

Aefernum- Town's Master-at-Arms, viking and gladiator, owns a Squirrel army, wife of Osbert

Amarth- {Viscount of Egremont}

Inka2- [deceased]

Lady-Roberta- {Viscountess of Launceston, Earl of Petersborough} wife to Chrisiusmaximus de Peche, head of the Noble house of de Peche-Wallace

Ghostwriter- {Princess Regent of King Faheud of England, Earl of Groombridge, Baroness of Cartmel}

Leoflic- former council member. {Baron of Milnthorpe}

Mistyblue- former mayor. {Baroness of Lydford}

Roby123- Former Knight Commander of the Knights of St George. Former Knight of the Crown of England, Former Earl Marshall of England. {Former Baron of Aberystwyth, Lord of Gawsworth Hall, Viscount of Keswick } Founder of the Robland Republic. Husband of Tethys Wallace-Lambourne.(deceased)

Tethys Wallace-Lambourne- wife to Roby, and daughter of Kelster and Hikenai Wallace. Former mayor of Egremont, elegant, but fiesty. (deceased)

Robert Kelster Lambourne- son of Roby and Tethys, ward of his grandparents, Kelster and Hikenai

Arckangels- {Baron of Bowness-on-Windermere} former mayor of Egremont, army commander

Cazador- [deceased] former comander of Egremont's platoons under WMTF

Corster_- has an army of Llamas .. or so I heard :P

Nathanieleld- {Baron of Padiham}

Jessy.jane- {Baroness of Millon) a newfound long lost addition to the prime Wallace family. Mentor and now town historian of Eggy. Known to be all-knowing in regards to town census and citizen check. All around tavern sweetheart. A truly remarkable addition to the fishy town of Eggy.

Heck- (Lord of Bugger All) Rarely seen in Eggy these days, is touring France.

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