Renaissance Kingdoms
Edward IV
—  Ayr resident  —
Edward IV
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Party On
Full title Edward IV of Ayr
Place of Residence (unknown), Ayr, Ayr
Affiliations RSA
In-game name EdwardIV
Account created July 1, 1456
Forum name EdwardIV

Edward IV, also known as EdwardIV, was a level 2 carpenter and vegetable farmer from Ayr, Ayr. He has often worked to defend the town in time of need and while he is fond of fishing, he used to work as the Town Marshall of Ayr.

Edward IV was ERADICATED from the game because a few people from his office all played RK. Because their office shares a common IP address, the account was removed from the game with no warning or ability to plead his case.