Edith Talbot
—  Barnstaple Devon  —
Edith Talbot
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Forte et Fidele
Full title Viscountess of Paignton, Baroness of Braunton
Place of Residence (unknown), Barnstaple, Devon
Affiliations Devon Navy, Voice of Devon
In-game name Edith
Account created 22 October 2011
Forum name Edith

 Lady Edith Elizabeth Talbot Norfolk is a resident of Barnstaple, Devon, in England, and one of the founders of the Talbot family. An active sailor and miller, she is a one-time Mayor and many term Mentor for her beloved town, in addition to being a long-time Town Council member and early supporter of Barnstaple's port expansion. 

In October 1460 she pledged to marry her long time friend, Captain, and love of her life, Sir Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk. The couple were wed in Barnstaple at The King's Knickers tavern by Cardinal Darian Balintyne on June 7, 1461. Cousins Kylonna Stuart and Amy Graye-Norton served as witnesses at the happy event.

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