Formerly of Sevenoaks in Sussex, Earytha von Liechenstein is now a resident of Birmingham, Worcester, England.

Earytha was born in 1435 to Wilhelm and Elizabetta Von Liechenstein in the Germanic state of Prussia. She is the youngest of three siblings (Tammy Jean and Lerendus) as well as having a half brother Gnome1Special. Their mother died in childbirth with her and due to the political unrest in the country, Wilhelm sent his three children to England to live with his mother, Sonia Marie.

They grew up in Sevenoaks, the first language primarily being their native tongue German, they were seen as outsiders for sometime until they were able to learn english from a kind elderly lady down the road. Sonia died when Eary was 15, her care being left with Tammy who was barely 16 and their 19 year old brother. Eary grew up, strong but shy, with a passion for economics and art, she painted pictures to sell at the market while her siblings worked at a local farm. At the age of 16, Eary watched as Lerendus left them to join the army and shortly after, Eary moved to Canterbury.

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