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Country Kingdom of Scotland
County Galloway
Purpose Village in Galloway (Node)

Drummore, was coastal town southwest of Wigtown in the county of Galloway, and was the southernmost town in all of Scotland, further south than even some English towns, including Carlisle. It was change to a village (node) on the 14th of March 1459 due to nation-wide population problems. The word Drummore comes from the Gaelic "druim mor" or "big ridge", which refers to the high coastlines that surround the town. Drummore is typically safe from ne'er-do-wellers due to its location and lack of through roads. The Irish sea borders the western shore of the town and as such Drummore boasts a prosperous fishing trade.

Though the historical records are not completely clear, it is believed that Drummore was the first Scottish town to have a female mayor, Sheridan Blake. Today it boasts several taverns and a healthy population. Passage to the rest of the country is through the closest town, Wigtown, or via ship over sea.

The citizens of Drummore are currently constructing a harbour for ships to dock at, which is expected to greatly increase the trading opportunities of the small town.

On March 4th 1459 Drummore was closed by orders of the powers that be (Admins). The proud citizens were sent to Girvan to help booster it's population but many split off to go their own ways.

Drummore Town 1

Drummore's Coastline

Mayors of Drummore in orderEdit

*historical records are inconclusive at this point

The Drum By Xenina

The Drum Tavern

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