Lord Drouin
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Lord Drouin
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title The White Lion
Place of Residence (unknown), Luna Castle, Devon
Affiliations none
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Lord Drouin, also known as the Lord of the People.

He had held a successful term as Mayor of Bristol, Somerset, in 1457.

Prior to his term as Mayor, he served on the Bristol Town Council, and aided the mayor with the affairs of the town.

He became Mayor for a second time in October 1460, and won re-election two consecutive times after, serving a total of three terms which ended February 1461 when he was called away for military duty.

After being elected to the Devon Council, he was asked to take the position of Constable.

Once his term was done, he travelled from Salisbury to Barnstaple to board a vessel owned by Lord Slaine, and made his trip to Port Lairge, the capital of the Kingdom of Waterford, Ireland. Once at PL, he met the leader of the KoW, Daubigny, and has since been relaxing among many new friends. Currently he is working towards creating trade between Ireland and England.

It is now October 31st, the year 1465. Lord Drouin had begun his journey from Westmoreland to Devon, passing the ruins of once great towns that now only exists in his memories.

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