Born: Dec. 03 2007

Country :Kingdom of Scotland
County:County of Galloway
Town :Kirkcudbright
Affiliates: Froggi

Level: 3

Reputation Points: 218

Profession: Weaver

1st Field: Sheep

2nd Field: Corn

Role Play description Edit

The sound of surf is the first thing I heard, then the pain in the back of me skull pulsed with my beating heart. Cracking my eyes I was blinded by the sun. "Where am I? How did I get here? Where is my family?" I thought. Then blackness... I awoke in a small room where a priest looked over me. My wounds had been tended however, I was still sore. The priest spoke and I soon discovered that I had washed up on the shore of Scotland near Kirkcudbright and a fisherman brought me to the church. I have no memory of my life before other than my mother and daughter...

I have had a horrid vision: My daughter Coliepolie8, weak, frail and starving. An angel desends from a pure white light and carries my daughter into the sky. Is it true? Can it be? I must find my daughter...

Dirty, Brave son of Froggi, Proud father of Coliepolie8.

  • Journeyman of SOW Guild
  • Member of New Members Mentor Guild
  • Member of Scottish Mentor Guild
  • Kirkcudbright Mentor (Emeritus)
  • Member Cartography Guild
  • Cartographer of Kirkcudbright
  • 1st Spokesperson of Kirkcudbright Public Committee
  • Mayor of Kirkcudbright
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