Renaissance Kingdoms
Diragon Avis-Hanley
Margrave of Wexford, Baron of Hythe, HRH Prince of Portugal
Began His RK Career
Number of "Deaths"
Dover, England

(Formerly MedievalMan)


Born Diragon Meriad "MedievalMan" Avis-Hanley in France to English parents sometime in 1452, Diragon is one of the oldest and first citizens of England when he emigrated back home in 1453 to Dover, England. As the third mayor of Dover, he served four consecutive terms and assisted in making Dover one of the most prosperous towns in not only England, but the world. He always contributed his success to hardline economic tactics, which were often opposed by so-called "free-market pioneers", and also communication and relationships. In particular, Diragon enjoyed a close friendship with nearby Canterbury and their mayor, Madmaxhammer, as well as Sevenoaks (with Nicoletta presiding as Mayor at that time). Following a prestigious career as Mayor, County Councilman, and freelance trader, Diragon left the English Isle and presumably died.

More recently, he re-emerged in Ireland.

Currently, he resided in Dover, England. He served as Judge on the Sussex Council, Harbormaster of Dover, and has been the Mayer of Dover for over 16 terms. A job he constantly says he does not want! He has remained out of politics for some time, finding the current environment distasteful.


Diragon has been married once before, to the Lady Malachia Halliwell.

For some time, he was also involved with Caitriona of Ireland.


Diragon is a member of House Avis and House Hanley.