Diocese of Whithorn
—  Diocese of the Church of Scotland  —
Whithorn coa
Coat of arms
Country Kingdom of Scotland
Province Province of Glasgow
See Whithorn
Bishop Anna Hanley

The Diocese of Whithorn is the diocese in the Province of Galloway comprising the parishes of Kirkcudbright, Wigtown and Whithorn.

The Diocese of Whithorn depends on the Province of Glasgow, managed by the metropolitan bishop Statler.

Structure of the DioceseEdit

Metropolitan archdiocese of Glasgow: Anna Hanley (Archbishop)
Diocese of Whithorn: Pelenor (Bishop)
Vicar Diocesan: vacant
- Statler (Responsible of the treasuary)
- Pelenor (Responsible for the doctrine)
- Vacant (Responsible for relations with the priests)
- Vacant (Short-hair dachshund)
Missionary: vacant
Archdeacon: vacant
  • Parish of Kirkcudbright: Father Statler
  • Deacon: vacant
  • Parish of Wigtown: Father Tofferer
  • Deacon: vacant
  • Parish of Whithorn: Father Pelenor
  • Deacon: Vacant
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