Diocese of Glasgow
—  Diocese of the Church of Scotland  —
Coat of arms
Country Kingdom of Scotland
Province Province of Glasgow
See Diocese of Glasgow
Bishop Statler

The Diocese of Glasgow is the diocese in the Province of Glasgow comprising the four parishes of, Girvan in Galloway, Stirling, Ardencaple and Glasgow.

Structure of the DioceseEdit

Metropolitan archdiocese of Glasgow: Statler (Archbischop)
Vicar General: Hampan
- Vacant (Responsible of the treasuary)
- Vacant (Responsible for the doctrine)
- Kitialeah (Responsible for relations with the priests)
- Vacant (Short-hair dachshund)
Missionary: Vacant
First Archdeacon: Hampan
  • Deacon: Vacant
  • Parish of Ardencaple: Mother Reid
  • Deacon: Vacant
  • Deacon: Vacant
  • Deacon: Vacant

History of the Diocese of GlasgowEdit

When the county Ayr was established, Cleophas was appointed bishop of the diocese of Glasgow. Archbishop Cleophas was removed from the post after just a few months of service due to disagreements with the ESPC (English Speaking Pontifical Council). Syounger was then appointed in place of Cleophas. After almost a year of service, Archbishop Syounger was replaced by Sepia. Later Sepia was replaced by Bennett, who is the current Bishop of the Diocese of Glasgow and the Archbishop of the Province of Glasgow. Her Grace Alanna Kyles was the successor of her Eminence Sepia when she became a Cardinal of Rome. Alanna Kyles remained in that position until she was revoked due to disappearance. In July 1460 His Grace Statler was elevated to the position of Archbishop of Glasgow.

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