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Dimitri Jamil Skënder Kusari[]

"I'll tell u my history dear partners" - "Unë do t'ju tregoj historinë time partnerë të dashur" - "Size hikayemi anlatacağım sevgili ortaklar"

Master Dimitri Kusari - 21 years old

Start of the Biography:[]

Dimitri Jamil Aleksandhërr e Karniel Kusari e Legrat dhe Seixa Quirós or simply Dimitri Jamil Skënder Kusari(Albany 29 - August - 1442) religious, preacher and clerck of the Aristotelic faith; son in descendence of the Kusari Family, mocked as plebeian, reborn as a Noblish-man, into his life he has to deal many problems, such as since the Bourgeoisie and inclusive in his same church, inside of such happiness of re-integrate with his familiars, he was sure that the future depends from his hands.


Born in the city of Lezha in 29th of August, in february at 18 years old he was found by the Family "The Kusari" his own family of many importance, since of 13 years old; he was guided by the Un-Namable Creature by the false Light of prophecy until the 19 years that it accounting it makes a lot of regious and exterior problems, by the happening of the prophet, he was condenated to die as a heresy without make damage into nobody.

The Almighty goes and He delete this don by his own security for that he talk the divine Faith and that he accoumplish his mission, then the Almighty goes again and gives him (into Dimitri) some talents and He makes into Dimitri to remember some languages that he was learned along the time before that separate him from Lezha, so the Almighty was opening his ways, so same he was with the Father Nicolas Borgia (Of whom later became the godfather of Dimitri), for thus saying, he welcomes him in the Church that knew many things, so same he was ordained to preach by the order of the Church in Valencia, so the result, while the Young Dimitri is going to seminars, he was studying in to faith and he preached and helped anothers, and inclusive; by the brave of Dimitri, he earned the respect and admiration of all Valencia, because he travel to Valencia and remind all around, and inclusive in other towns such as Tortosa, Zaragoza and others.

In the life of Dimitri Kusari, or the Younger Clergy, as they called many, things has happened, some happiest, some terrible and other wonderfuls ... Thousand people has been for him that preach them in another towns, but he was too young to travel few miles and knots.

(To be continued)

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