Diarmaid is a level 2 butcher and cow rancher from An Gort active in Renaissance Kingdoms since April 12th, 1457 ; he secondly is a veggie farmer. He's still young but his life goal is to help protect against abuse [1] by the power of words or through sheer strength. Ellismira accepted to become Diarmaid wife [2] [but] cancellation reached him almost a year later. Diarmaid is an experienced Record-Keeper [3].  Diarmaid drinks heavily and goes to pick up women who he thinks are quite attractive however each has an acme problem and weight 470 pounds. Four of these women are quite interested and are chasing after him(very slowly because they weight so much).



Guy on a Boat

Irish Guy

The previous incarination of Bob Hope before he was reincarnated into Bob Hope


  1. Diarmaid became An Gort Chief Mentor on December 6th, 1458 under Nicole_ administration loosing it under Roxxane at about 13th April, 1459.
  2. Diarmaid became An Gort Head Marshall, along with Lord_flynn, on Jan 29th, 1458 ; Diarmaid respectfully refused the order to revolt against a Cúige Chonnacht army on Mar 8th, 1458 as he feared being the victim of a political attempt on his life, he was given a second chance by the constable the following day, his last days of duty was July 1st, 1458 after handing his resignation a few days earlier.
  3. Diarmaid became An Gort minister of morale, along with Mistrals, on Nov 10th, 1457 under Michellebegg administration keeping the position under Sathar loosing it under Minyahh administration a few days after her election on Feb 24th, 1458.
  4. Diarmaid was temporarily paymaster of Army "Cult of Q - Marshie Seduction Squad" commanded by Kieran.irvine on Dec 14th to 16th, 1457 from which he was enlisted for about a month after a threat ; the first time Diarmaid is in an armed group for more than a few days.


  1. seen in his forum signature "I will stand by An Gort."
  2. on Mar 7th, 1458 then disappeared a couple months later then rumors of her (wedding)
  3. even though he learned to read in his late teens, he zealously studied under scrupulous mentors


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