The Devon Guard is the military force and current ducal army of the County of Devon, also known as Devonshire, in the Kingdom of England.

The Devon Guard current answers to Duchess Katelynn, the Countess of Devon and thus in fealty to King Hezlog of England. She rules from Chard.

The Devon Guard currently is mobilizing regarding the new war between the Kingdom of England and the Celtic Alliance and NNGO's regimes in Scotland and Ireland. The Westmorland Guard and other national armies keep the Northern Border between Scotland's Fury-Montemayor conflict, while the Devon Guard has jurisdiction in maintaining the southwestern border of England's shores. The Devon Guard also fights Wolves of Sherwood on the roads and other criminals comitting acts like robbery or murder, effectively protecting travelling merchants and traders.

The Devon Navy functions in cooperation with the Devon Guard and patrols the coast and is engaged in naval warfare off the coasts of Ireland and in the channel. The Devon Guard is currently assembled powerfully in Bristol. There are individual guardsmen and guardswomen from throughout the County of Devon, including the historical cities of Bristol, Chard, Darmouth, Bridgewater, Barnstaple, Salisbury, and Southhampton.

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