—  Duchy of Devon   —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital Bristol
Country England
Count Patan
Towns Barnstaple, Bridgewater, Chard, Dartmouth, Salisbury and Southampton
Province [[Province of Canterbury
Dioceses Clifton, Portsmouth
Established 28th February 1459
Official language English

Devon was created by the merger of Cornwall, Somerset and Wiltshire in March of 1459. It borders Mercia to the North and Sussex to the East. The county has an ever-shifting political scene and goverment is currently managed by two political parties: majority is held by the Devon Coalition with minority held by the United Brotherhood. 

Towns And Villages Upon creation, the towns in Devon were;

Also upon creation, the following towns were changed to Villages (Nodes):

County MapEdit

Devon County all nodes

Devon County, courtesy of John_of_shaftesbury

Count(ess) of DevonEdit