Devin Edrei d'Ursel
—  Cill Choi, Munster resident  —
Devin Edrei d'Ursel
Coat of arms
Personal motto: "Give to the Wind your Feelings"
Full title
Place of Residence (unknown), Cill Choi, Munster, Ireland
Affiliations NNGO
In-game name [1]
Account created (unknown)
Forum name [2]

Devin is a resident of Cill Choi, Munster, Kingdom of Ireland.

History Edit

Family Edit

Devin is a member of the d'Ursel family, a family that lives mostly in Holland. his fathers name is George Reesens and his mothers name is Maria d'Ursel, his father died in war and his mother fled from Holland to England by ship were Devin was born.

Devin had later went through a large series of adoptions.

Elika Edrei - Reading England

Jahamour - Imleach Ireland

his closes family members are

Oydelia and her husbend Tigo along with there son Aidan.

Count Omenio d'Ursel

WIFE Elois Irvine d'Ursel

Titles and Affiliations Edit


NNGO Member

Past Titles and Affiliations Edit

was once on the Imleach town counsel but did not finish his term.

Battle History Edit

Battle of Carlisle the whole battle.

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