Dell Galin
—  Gefle resident  —
Dell Galin
Coat of arms
Personal motto: There will always be another sunrise
Full title Procrastinator extraordinaire
Place of Residence (unknown), Gefle, Kingdom of Sweden
Affiliations None
In-game name Dell
Account created 20th November 2007
Forum name Dell
Dell Galin is a level 3 blacksmith living in Gefle, Sweden.

Positions held (chronological order) Edit

Currently : Temporary Rector for the Swedish University

Characteristics Edit

Born in 1428. About 188 cm (6'2) tall. Weighs roughly 95kg (210 pounds). Has blue eyes and brown hair. Left-handed. Has a scar running from his shoulder to his lower back after a battle from the past. Limited mobility in his right shoulder.

History, past and present (shortened version) Edit

  • Losing his whole family to the war, Dell secluded himself deep in the woods of Sweden for many years, with only the books from the nearest monastery and his bow as companions. He had a quiet life until he had to strike down three of the Kings men who were harassing the priests at the monastery. He escaped the retribution of the army by running to the coast were he stumbled upon a ship owned by smugglers. He negotiated a ride with them as a guard and left Sweden, as an exile, for England.

  • After a very long and dangerous trip the ship touched the land of eastern England and Dell travelled inwards until he reached a town called Reading in the county of Wiltshire. There he decided to settle down, at the edge of the forest, starting a new life.

  • After many joyful (and not-so-joyful) years in Reading, news reached him of a new king in Sweden. The war had ended and the new king had pardoned every exile. Dell did not want to leave Reading but the sting of homesickness was greater than he thought. For better or worse he had to visit his birthhome one last time. To either start anew again or find closure.

  • Being one of the first to land in Gefle, Dell put his blacksmithing knowledge, his soldier training and the hard-learned experiences of past events to good use and assisted with the rebuilding of the town Gefle. He served as both a judge and a two term Mines Superintendent.

  • Having withdrawn from the Council to let new eager people in, Dell found himself staring out the sea again. Having found closure by visiting the graves of his family (amongst other things), Dell have arrived to the realisation that this wasn't his real home, nor will it ever be.

  • He is now saving money. For a ship. To return home.

Miscellaneous and Blathering informationEdit

  • Was one of the founding inhabitants of Gefle
  • First judge in Gefle (no laws, woo!)
  • Won the first duel in the Gefle arena (against Yaltar), 1600 points
  • Has a giant, incredibly slow-moving turtle named "Bob John 'Turtleton' Junior the First" as a pet (originated as a joke from the obsession on keeping wild animal as pets, which perforates the roleplay aspect of RK)
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