Degas Family
—  The Royal House of Degas  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Noli Me Calcare
Matriarch CruzinCat
Important members Degas, Prince of England
Nationality English & Scottish
Land held Muncaster Castle & Macclesfield Castle
Affiliations (unknown)
Blood relations (unknown)

The Royal House of Degas is a Royal house of England and Scotland. The Degas Family has a great history in ruling England. Richard Degas has been a former Regent of England

The Royal House of Degas' Family MembersEdit

The Degas Family's EstatesEdit

The Royal House of Degas owns the following Estates:

Macclesfield Castle - The Residence of Lord Richard Degas, Prince of England

Muncaster Castle - Family Estate of the Royal House of Degas Owned by CruzinCat, Marchioness of Muncaster

The Degas Family TreeEdit

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