Decado Dayne
—  Kendal resident  —
Lee-pace 2
Decado Dayne
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Mr
Place of Residence (unknown), Kendal, Westmorland
Affiliations House Dayne
In-game name Decado
Account created 24 July, 2012(1460)
Forum name Decado

Born in August 1434 to Olek and Alice, his father died when he was 7, from that point he was raised by distant relative but close friend Gellan. Alice died giving birth to Decado's brother Olek when Decado was 4 years old.

Decado has 3 children, his oldest daughter Alice who was born in February 1452, and the twins, Olek and Kateryn born in July 1455, their mother Isabel dying shortly after they were born.


  • 10/August/1434 - Decado is Born
  • 1439 - Decado's Brother Olek is Born and his mother Alice dies.
  • 1442 - Decado's father Olek dies in a skirmish, Gellan takes over the duties of raising the boys
  • 1451 - Decado meets and marries Isabel
  • February/1452 - His daughter Alice is born
  • July/1455 - His son Olek and his daughter Kateryn are born, his wife dies a few days later
  • 1457 - His brother Olek leaves home at 18 to explore the world
  • May/1460, Decado manages to annoy someone in his town (somewhere in the South East of England) who has a lot of friends, rather than stick around he sells up his house and few posessions, left his children with his friend and mentor Gellan, then leaves to wander England to find a new home
  • He arrives in Kendal on July the 24th 1460
  • August/October 1460 - Becomes Councillor of Westmorland, serves as Sergeant.
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