Dash spent many of his years in the Highlands honing his survival skills. He came from a lone village in the Highlands. He lost his actual family many years in the past and was taken in by the village blacksmith. He was told he should leave the village and go out to make something of himself. That is how he came to Girvan. With barely any clothes on his back and a little food with a few pounds given to him he went to start out his life anew.

Dash has moved to Stirling and has now taken the name of Whitesnow. He travels with a group now trying to learn what his role in life is. Sometimes he now has to do some dirty work for his food and drink but it hasn't seemed so bad except for the jail time. He doesn't want to hurt people but he will one day put it all to good and help those who he hurt. He still owns a tavern in Girvan though he will rarely return to it for Girvan holds too many bad memories.

Dash has became a carpenter and hopes to become a master shipbuilder. Who knows what will be out there once he is able to board a ship. Perhaps he may turn to piracy with the Whitesnows or perhaps charge a few for running passengers over the sea.

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