Dark Devil
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Dark Devil
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History Edit

Very little is known of the origins of Dark Devil, save the fact he was around a very long time. One of England's most infamous brigands, Dark Devil was loved, feared, respected and has verily become a legend.

One of the first criminal enterprises he developed was the Hell's Masters. This group of cut-throats and robbers harried and had on edge the early towns and settlements of England. Some of the more brazen acts done under Dark Devil's leadership were kidnappings, a murder attempt upon HRH King Longjohnsilver and an attempt on the life of Princess Regent Nordicnorn.

Dark Devil was always though a gentleman and had some measure of honor in his dealings. Before the Hell's Masters was broken apart, the last great crime attributed to, but not proven, was the murder of Princess Nordicnorn.

The Wolves of Sherwood were then founded by Dark Devil, it's link to the Hell's Masters evidenced by the carry over of the worship of Loki. The WoS grew quite large under his leadership and was the bane of the early counties of England, Sussex, Cornwall and Wiltshire.

A part of the lands was annexed and called Barnshire by the WoS at one time. Comprised of the towns of Barnstaple, Chard and Bridgewater. Soon however, under the banners of an army led by Anto_capone, along with Zakku, this unholy trinity of towns was defeated and Barnshire was no more as Dark Devil was carted off to the goal.

This however was not the end for the WoS or Dark Devil. His strong charisma soon brought the WoS to the for again and by the time the county of Worcester was founded the WoS moved in and settled, even getting involved in the politics of the region. By this time Dark Devil was taking a back seat in the leadership, his wife running more of the day to day.

Of notable import though at this time was a duel that Dark Devil had with Sajanzv, a long-time political figure in the Somerset government at that time. They met upon a road and fought three times. Each declared oneself the winner and no clear winner has ever been determined. After this, Dark Devil laid low for a while and history is murky and anecdotal at best until he appeared in Chester.

(WIP.. not completed yet.. awaiting more concise info on the last part of DD's life.)

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