DEES Council List - Cúige ChonnachtEdit

Defense - Economy - Exceptionalism - Stability

Members: Dee_snider, Gigas_coco, Onlygirl, Callan_kilkenny, Kingrichard88, Motherlucka, Mistrals, Lord_flynn, Barleybourne, Kearo, Nonamekid, Mssp

Our platform is simple:

D is for Defense – Chonnacht will ruthlessly protect its borders, ports, towns and mines, never allowing hostile armies or armed groups (foreign or domestic) to threaten or terrorize Chonnacht.

E is for Economy – Chonnacht has the strongest economy in all of Ireland - and it will continue to grow with new ports and trading opportunities under our leadership.

E is for Exceptionalism – Chonnacht’s citizens are strong, productive, reasonable, intelligent, and honorable – those ideals will be at the core of how we will govern.

S is for Stability – Chonnacht will not compromise its defenses, economy, or exceptional position and will continue to be the best county in Ireland.

Election Results - November, 1457Edit

2009-11-17 04:02:05 Cúige Chonnacht council election: FU are in the lead, but without a majority. LONDON (AAP) – The Fed Up Irish have won the Cúige Chonnacht council election race, but without an absolute majority. They will have to form a coalition government.

Result of the vote :

1. "Fed Up Irish" (FU) : 41% 2. "Defense - Economy - Exceptionalism - Stability" (DEES) : 24.7% 3. "Honor and Honesty for Chonnacht" (HHC) : 18.7% 4. "Irish Volunteers" (Volunteers) : 15.7%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Bcgirl (FU) 2 : Foxfire (FU) 3 : Koko26 (FU) 4 : Icy_flames (FU) 5 : Kailya (FU) 6 : Dee_snider (DEES) 7 : Gigas_coco (DEES) 8 : Onlygirl (DEES) 9 : Ladyalys (HHC) 10 : Fae (HHC) 11 : Romanos (Volunteers) 12 : Qtchi (Volunteers)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

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