Cullan Holifard
—  Hastings   —
Cullan Holifard
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Vigeo aut Tacet (Act or remain silent)
Full title Cullan Holifard, King of England and Baron of Coombes
Place of Residence (unknown), Hastings, Sussex
Affiliations Sussex Embassy
In-game name Cullan
Account created 09 December 2010
Forum name Cullan

Role Play descriptionEdit

Cullan is 5'9" with greying hair and blue eyes. He is often bearded and in varying stages of upkeep - usually unkempt


Born Cullan Holifard in Aberdalgie, he was raised in a household of a middle Lord in the service of the King. His mother was a McDermott from Ireland, and his father a Loyalist Scot. He was given the finest of educations in English, Scots, Gaelic, and French, and was an avid reader of Plato and Machiavelli. Destined for his father's lordship, he worked hard to prove himself in both the political and social circles of his peers. His mother Katharine McDermott died in childbirth when he was 8.

He was a bit of a Lothario in his youth. With his family fortune on the rise, he was sent to learn throughout the Continent. He spent many years between Ireland, England and France, learning both at court, and in as many brothels and taverns as he could. He had difficulty conceding to his father's demands of family and heirs. Instead he found himself a young man in Edinburgh, who he quickly fell in love with. Even with his father's badgering, they kept house for many years. At age 23 his father had finally had enough. He bargained with a prominent North family to gain him a wife.

Mariorie arrived soon after, and they were married with the King's blessing. She was a good woman. Sturdy, and beautiful, with long red hair and green eyes, she made herself a decent wife; helping him manage the estate and finances so Lord Holifard could remain in Edinburgh.

His father died in the battles against the Douglases defending his King. In a power grab, his brother's uncle William married his step-mother and turned he and his siblings out. They scattered to the winds in an attempt to keep the family line alive, some going to England, some to France, and himself to Ireland.


Mourning his family's ruthless murder, he ran to his mother's home. There his McDermott kin gave him a small manor where he could grieve. It was over a year before he felt he could present himself again. Soon he returned to his whoremongering ways, especially with the court bard Graidhne na Ruadh. She was a firey redhead with a quick wit and even quicker with a knife. They were known for their tempestuous affair - the only reason he left was after she tried to kill him.

Early days in SussexEdit

Cullan picked up a ship headed for Arundel, which was the closest port he could get to his brother Ainvar's last address. When he landed he met the mayor Clyppie and mentor Aldea, and soon became friends.





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