County Palatine of Chester was discovered in May of 1455. It is a small county and lacks a stone mine as well as a fruit Orchard. Its capital is Chester.

Towns of County Palatine of Chester Edit

County Palatine of Chester COA

ARMS: Gules three Lions passant guardant in pale Or dimidiating Azure three Garbs Or.CREST: On a Wreath Or Gules and azure a Sword erect hilt and pommel Or within a Sheath Sable encircled by a Sword Belt of the last both garnished Gold. Mantled on the dexter side Gules on the sinister side Azure both doubled Argent.SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Lion Or gorged with an open Crown Argent and on the sinister side a Wolf Argent gorged with a like Crown Or.BADGE: On a Roundel per pale Gules and Azure environed by a Wreath of Laurel Or a Wolf's Head Argent langued also Azure issuant from an Ancient Crown of Gold.

Motto 'ANTIQUI COLANT ANTIQUUM DIERUM' - Let the ancients worship the Ancient of Days.

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