Cornish Bluebird Godolphin
—  Salisbury resident  —
Cornish Bluebird Godolphin
Th cornishbluebbaronCoA
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Pint of Ale Please
Full title Baron Cornish Bluebird Godolphin
Place of Residence (unknown), Salisbury, Wiltshire
Affiliations none
In-game name cornishbluebird
Account created 18 January 2009
Forum name cornishbluebird

Cornish Bluebird is a resident of Salisbury, Wiltshire, Kingdom of England.

Early Years Edit

Son of a Cornish Tin miner, who's family have a rich family mining heritage, only for it to be taken away from them. His father dropped the Godolphin name after he fell out with his father over the demise of the Godolphin inheritance.

Cornish is the son of a Coal miners daughter from Merthyr in Wales.

He left Cornwall upon the death of his mother, for pastures new and ended up in Salisbury.

Family Edit

Occupations Edit

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