Name: Corewin

Birth Date 2007 18 / 11

Role Play description

Sister pf Butcher Kawpri from Drummore (Deceased))
Oncea citizen of Drummore but left seeking a new life. Settled down in Wigtown but it did not feel like home. Left after staying there for a few weeks. Heard from a traveling merchant about Withthorn, so I took up my walking stick and began my journey. It took a full days walking before I saw the town of Whithorn. Seemed like a nice enough place. After a while I went and bought my first vegetable field and soon after bought anothe field where I grow corn. After some months I decided to build a carpenter shop so I could help the town grow with boats and other things.

After some time I heard there was going to be a colony in the country of Sweden. So I took all my things I could carry and jumped on a boat to the new colony town of Gefle. After some time I was elected Council member and was soon sitting as Judge in the new town of Gefle.

Student of State Way

Profession: Carpenter

First field: Vegetable

Second Field: Corn

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