Constable[edit | edit source]

The Constable is a council role, one of three relating to Town and County defence. (the other two being the Sergeant and the Captain)

The primary role of the Constable is to manage the defence of the towns by appointing Chief Marshalls (sometimes called Town Marshalls, or just Marshalls) supervising them, and paying their wages.In turn, the Chief Marshalls patrol the town each day, and report on any people - or events - they encounter. (typically by posting into the main RK forums)

The constable is also nominally the first point of contact for responding to issues of town security and Revolt. (though sometimes the Captain will undertake this, depending on individual Council policies.)

The Constable liaises closely with the general Council to make recommendations on Chief Marshall (henceforth abbreviated CM) appointments, as well as to the Sargeant for provision of funds (to pay the CM's). The constable can also appoint Marshalls, though currently this is rare, as a single CM is usually deemed sufficient as a deterrent to revolt. (again, this will depend on the local situation, and the individual county council's policies).

This is normally a medium-low intensity job. The Constable must log in daily to pay the CM's wages, and to ensure that no CM's have resigned or become unavailable for any reason. Once per week the Constable must liaise with the Sargeant to arrange receipt of the next weeks payroll.

In the event of an unsanctioned revolt, or the death/absence of a Mayor in office, then the Constable may be the first point-of-contact for organising a sanctioned revolt to rectify the matter. This somewhat depends on individual Council policy.

The constable has his/her own control screen, in which he/she can:

  • Create a Marshall Group
  • Allocate a chief marshall (or additional marshalls) to that group.
  • Pay the wages
  • Disband a Marshall Group
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