Conkord, also known as Connie is a member of the MacAles and Kennedy clans. She has two sisters, Toastini and Rosa Kennedy. She is a renowned General and has taken part in several military conflicts all over Ireland. Prior to Ireland she served as a mayor in Muirkirk and also has a council position under her belt.

She lived in Sevenoaks, Sussex for a while before travelling steadily north through England and moved to Muirkirk, Ayr when it first opened with the colonies. She married Aqueron Campbell while there (but divorced later that same year) before moving to An Caiseal in Ireland. While there she served on Munsters council as Spokesperson during the infamous "hell week". After this, she moved town - residing in Imleach for a short while with fiance Castillo MacAle, eventually moving again to An Gort, Chonnacht. They were married on the 19th July but sadly, Cas dissapeared shortly after this and has not been heard from since.

Currently, she is just wandering around Ireland looking for somewhere to settle.

(Oh and fyi, she totally owns all your asses)

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