Renaissance Kingdoms

Clothing is created by weavers from wool and hides. Some items of clothing are required to level up to level 2 and level 3. (See weaver guide for specifics on materials needed to make clothing)

  • Clothes do not wear out. However, many higher level players tend to move to colonies, making room for new players, so the weaver typically still has work.
  • New clothes get coded in the game once in a while.
  • The colors of garments are chosen by the buyer when they click on 'use' and place them in their wardrobe. It cannot be changed after that (or sold).

Clothing Production[]

The different items which can be made require differing amounts of wool, hides or a combination of both. Wool and hides can be bought on the market or produced by the player themselves if they have a sheep ranch (which is generally advised for weavers). The wool and hides need to be placed in the property's inventory in order to be used for making clothes. One working day (1 Action) is needed to make each item of clothing (with the exception of shoes which can be made in sets of 2 pairs).

Clothing Simulator[]

To see what different items of clothing look like on a character: Hyperwardrobe(men) Hyperwardrobe(women) Gilded Weave (women and men)