The Wallace Clan Edit

Our motto is “Pro Liberate!”

Meaning For Liberate

Role Play and the forum Edit

It is my wish that the Wallace Clan as a whole would join in the forums and in the RP events to make our clan the best clan in Scotland. If you do not join the forums or the RP this does not keep you from being a Wallace. You will just miss out on alot of the fun.

Recruitment and Contact Edit

I would like to announce recruitment for the Wallace Clan. We passionately believe Scotland will not be the same without the Wallaces. Anyone wishing to join please PM Jealeaia and we can get you added to the list of the family. Scotland, you fought to be free from the tyranny of England. Now be free. Be free from the standards that England has set, and form Scottish standards. What will we have without freedom? Nothing but the scraps from the English kings table.

Allies Edit

The Cumming or Comyn Clan

Enemies Edit

Damn England!

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