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Clan Sharpe
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Clan Shield
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Clan Tartan
Motto (Latin) Dum Spiro Spero
Translation While I breathe, I hope
Clan Chieftain Andreas Patrick Sharpe
Family Herald Adelaide Grace Sharpe-Blackwell

Clan SharpeEdit

The Clan Sharpe is a family-clan originally based out of Scotland but now most members live in England.



Family Members Edit

(Player Characters) Edit

  • Andreas Sharpe (Andreas.sharpe) - Clan Chieftain and Patriarch
  • Avis Reginald Sharpe (Avis.sharpe)
  • Adelaide Grace Sharpe (Adelaide_grace)
  • Breena Sharpe neé Blackthorn (Breena)
  • Reynfrey Sharpe (Reynfrey), deceased
  • Minnerva Durrant (Minnerva)
  • Hulda of Stoneygate (Hulda_)
  • Amda Downham (Amda)
  • Jerrick Downham (Jerrick), married to Amda
  • Katrinae George Sharpe (Katrinae.g.sharpe)
  • Ailith Sharpe of Stoneygate (Ailith_)
  • Katherine Bennett (Kittycuddles18)

(Non-Player Characters) Edit

  • Aine Andreas Sharpe - daughter of Avis Sharpe
  • Ailin Tristan Sharpe - son of Avis Sharpe
  • Violet Rory Sharpe - adoptive daughter of Adelaide Sharpe-Blackwell
  • Lorelei Finan Sharpe - adoptive daughter of Adelaide Sharpe-Blackwell, deceased
  • Isabella Patrick Sharpe - daughter of Adelaide Sharpe-Blackwell
  • Calder Andrew James Sharpe - son of Adelaide Sharpe-Blackwell
  • Elyscia (no known surname) - ward of Adelaide, biological daughter of Sparky (disowned Sharpe)
  • Alexander Sharpe - father of Ailth
  • Roldan of Stoneygate - husband of Hulda
  • Bran of Stoneygate - son of Hulda
  • Catherine Elizabeth Downham - daughter of Amda and Jerrick Downham, twin of Theodore
  • Theodore Eliot Downham - son of Amda and Jerrick Downham, twin of Catherine
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