who we are Edit

We are made up of primarily characters roleplaying being of Irish ancestry but living here and swearing fealty to the crown in Scotland. We are always be interested in friendly helpful souls join with us. We are primarily located in Girvan in Ayr County but would welcome new members from any Scottish town. We are looking for people at least open to roleplay and that are willing to work together to help each other and provide help to players in game when possible. We work together we play together and we do both equally as hard. You can message Anthalor on the forums or in game any time for further information.

members Edit

Anthalor - Girvan Aalynn - Girvan Alliane - Girvan Baroque - Girvan Calum - Girvan D4rkM3tal609 - Girvan Draco76 - Girvan Garion - Girvan Guillaumev - Wigtown Holabar - Girvan Hoticegrl - Girvan Inag - Girvan Kellkiernan - Girvan Kittenn - Girvan Logana - Girvan Ladyluck - Wigtown Lucky7863 - Girvan Luckysgirl78 - Girvan _malcolm_ - Girvan Princessdelilah - Girvan Radhruin - Girvan Qadu105 - Girvan Tagiri - Girvan Teclis - Wigtown Xiayo - Girvan

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