Clan Kerr
—  The Royal Clan  —
Motto: By Sword By Quill
Slogan: Kerr Forth
Chief: Flaithbheartach de Innes-Kerr
Tanist: Wallace Kerr
Seannachie: Rothgar Thorsson Kerr

By sword, by quill! The Royal Clan Kerr, led by our Chief Flaithbheartach de Innes-Kerr, is the ruling house of Scotland. We are a small but efficient, and egregiously jovial, Clan based in Whithorn, Galloway, a town in which we have a history of diligent service. Our motto, conveniently located in the first sentence of this manifesto, represents our philosophy: We act to further our member's goals and in their defence: if a Clannie wants to be the Duke we'll campaign with them, if a Clannie needs help to become a student we'll fund them, if a Clannie falls into danger we'll defend them. Our sole desire is the development of our children (known as Les Enfants Terribles), which works well because our children are unwavering believers in right and wrong.

And when we're not raising or saving each other, we party! We're a fun-loving kinship and in Whithorn we inhabit the tavern scene, not to mention that we're almost entirely forum active. But just one word? Uniloyous, of course!


Clan founders, left to right: Flaithbheartach, Gwaeros, Prudence, Wallace, Grasshopperscorpion, Ayla1.

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