Clan Campbell
Founding Clan
Clan Sheild
Clan Tartan
Motto Ne Obliviscaris, Latin for "Do Not Forget"
Clan Chief Evan T. Campbell

Clan CampbellEdit

Clan Campbell, a clan with history, strength and honor. Historically, one of the largest, most powerful and most successful of the Highland Scottish clans. Clan Campbell has had multiple Captains, sheriffs, and councilmen in its family, and is known for its warrior blood and high spirits. Many Mayors have been Campbell but the most important fact about the Campbell, is that they pride themselves on honesty and their close bond as a clan.


CLAN PLANT: Bog Mirtle

CLAN SLOGAN OR WAR CRY: "CRUACHAN" From the imposing mountain that dominates the northern end of Loch Awe, overlooking the original lands of the Campbells in Argyll.

CLAN MARCH: "The Campbells Are Coming!" Also known under a variety of names including, in the Gaelic "Baile Inneraora"

CREST BADGE: The Chiefs full heraldic achievement includes, as Crest on his helmet, "a boars head, erased" or torn from its shoulders. This boar's head, on the wreath of twisted threads that bound the 'Mantling' or cloth protection to the back of the helmet against the sun, may be worn by Clansmen within a buckled strap on which is displayed the chief's motto "Ne Obliviscaris".

ORIGIN OF THE NAME: There are various theories. Usually accepted now is that it comes from the Gaelic "CAM BUEL" meaning "Crooked Mouth" the nickname of Sir Colin Mor's grandfather.


  • Clan Campbell is a Clan that has Scotland in its best interest. In no way will any member of the Clan damage or intend to damage Scotland, her pride as a nation, or its economy. Clan members will always stand up for another member of the clan, and will defend each other with their lives.

Clan Members and Structure Edit

The Clan is headed up by a Clan Chief. Beneath the chief is a Lord and Lady Protector who act as regents during the chief's absence. Beneath The Lord and Lord Protectors are the Clan Lairds who are the kind of nobles in the Clan. Under the Lairds are the clan members. Then finally, there is the squires who are apprentices who are not yet full fledged members.

Chief of the name and arms

Evan T Campbell

Lord Protector

Aqueron Campbell 

Clan Lairds and Ladies


Aqueron and Sheridan Campbell

Sullihan and Shaylynn Forbes-Campbell

Bricksand and Franxine Octavius-Campbell

Edrahil "Wildboar" Octavius Campbell

Gunz Campbell

Andimsum Campbell

Alessandra Octavius

Ian de Brus Campbell

Clan Knights and Dames



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