Clan Bruce
—  House of Bruce  —
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Coat of arms
Family motto: "FUMIUS"
Patriarch Ian de Brus, Earl of Carrick, Lord of Annandale
Important members Evan T Campbell, Kiara de Brus, Federic MacMilan , Albaros de Brus ... etc
Nationality Scottish
Land held Earldom of Carrick , Lord of Annandale
Affiliations None
Blood relations Clan Campbell, Clan MacMillan

Clan Bruce (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Brus)  was created by descends of Late Scottish King David de Brus. It's family seat is Clackmannan Tower. The Currant Chief is Ian de Brus and Lord protector is Evan T Campbell. Most of the clan members are residents of Whithorn Although Bruces can be found in all around the Southern Scotland.

Origins of the ClanEdit

The surname Bruce comes from the French de Brus or de Bruis, derived from the lands now called Brix, situated between Cherbourg and Valognes in NormandyFrance. There is no evidence to support a claim that a member of the family,Robert de Brix, served under William the Conqueror during the Norman Conquest of England. This notion is now believed to be have originated in unreliable lists, derived from the later Middle Ages, of people who supposedly fought at the Battle of Hastings.

Both the English and Scots lines of the Brus/Bruce family demonstrably descend from Robert Brus, 1st Lord Annandale who came to England in 1106. Robert de Brus was a companion-in-arms of Prince David, later David I of Scotland.In 1124 he followed David north to reclaim his kingdom. When a civil war broke out in England between Empress Matilda and her cousin, Stephen, David I of Scotland led a force into England. However de Brus did not follow David and instead joined the English and at the Battle of the Standard in 1138 he took prisoner his own son, who was now Lord of the lands of Annandale.Robert de Brus, 1st Lord of Annandale died on 11 May 1141 and was buried at Gysburn.

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