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Citizens of Galloway
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Giving 100% for our Home, our Future. Dedicated to making Galloway a better place for us all.
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February 8th 1459

Citizens of Galloway (COG)Edit

The COG Political Party is running for office in the County of Galloway, for the upcoming County election of February 1459. Between the members of the list, COG has experience in every office that Council has to offer, including past Dukes.


Citizens of Galloway (COG) was created as the Reconquista of Galloway (ROG) Council term came to an end, by Chief Candidate Mercury MacRanald.

Election campaign February 1459Edit

The next election for the Galloway County Council will be late February 1459. This will be the second time that COG will take part of the elections. Xavierson will be the next Chief Candidate, taking over from Mercury MacRanald. New candidates this term will be: JuliusOctavius, Edrahil, Cerzi, Alessandra_oct, Neilbunting and Statler.

Election campaign December 1458Edit

During the election campaign in December 1458 the following was used.


CoG County Council December - FebruaryEdit

The following people were candidates for the sucessful December 1458 elections:

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