Cill Chainnigh (Kilkenny)
—  town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: The Red Fortress
Country Ireland
County Laighean
Resource Forest
Province Province of Dublin
Diocese Diocese of Kilkenny
Established 29 January 1457
 - Mayor Neacht
 - Mentor james_Grifter
Population (February 10, 1457)
 - town 130
Cill Chainnigh

A map of Cill Chainnigh and surrounding towns

Cill Chainnigh (in English, Kilkenny) is a forest town in Laighean, Ireland.


Cill Chainnigh is on a crossroads with Port Láirge to the south, An Caiseal to the west, and Ceatharlach to the east. A gold mine and an iron mine are also nearby.


Cill Chainnigh has many colorful people. Dee_snider was the first Mayor and had a rough term, due to enacting the harsh and vindictive "Dee's decrees". Endracne O'Neil was voted the town jester while Zelana was voted prettiest woman.

Springtime has been a longtime defender of Cill Chainnigh and Laighean. There seem to be a lot of adventures and misadventures happening around town.

In any event all people known are nice and helpful.

One can hear the chopping of trees and stop in one of the town's 2 taverns for an ale and chit chat, maybe even a bite to eat.


Cill Chainnigh has a forest and mainly fields. Things seem to be looking up a little after a long while of things getting worse.