Cecilia Roos av Ervalla
—  Falun Sweden  —
Cecilia Roos av Ervalla
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Quot capita, tot sententiae
Full title Mayor of Falun
Place of Residence (unknown), Falun, Sweden
Affiliations none
In-game name Cecci
Account created 22 august 2008
Forum name Cecci

Cecci was born in Drummore, Scotland.

The first people to greet her upon arrival was Roy_Garlock and Fratergrim .

They immediately started to discuss politics and she knew already that first day that she was to become a civil servant.

Her first office was as Mentor in Drummore, and she kept mentoring 'till her very last day in Scotland.

From late autumn (october) 1456 to late march 1457.

Though she had decided to stay focused on town level she finally accepted to run for concil with the list Duck Inc. first known as the Duck Squad, formed by Darkdemonic.

She also started to participate in the work for the unclanned people if Scotland and as such she was nominated and elected to the National Assembly.

From december 1456 she co worked with Fratergrim, forming the Nordic Project in order to help create the Kalmar Union.

When it finally was opened the 24 of march 1457 she had to stay behind, as she did feel very responsible to the people that had voted for her for concil and NA in GallowayScotland.

The coming days she was in great distress, thinking of her fellow swedes that had left and she was one of the new nations founders, but still on scottish soil...

Finally she asked Choup to give her a transport to Sweden and so within the hour on the 31st of march she was transported to the first town of Sweden, Gefle.

Cecci eventually returned to her birthtown of Drummore, and served as Harbour Master until eventually running for Mayor, a post that she held till the 14 of march 1459, the day when the town of Drummore was closed.

She then moved to Girvan with her townsmen and there she has been Mayoring since .summer 1459

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