Ceana Aileen Campbell was born Ceana Aileen de' Holland in Galloway Scotland December 17th 1434, to a young and unwed woman by the name of Charlotte de' Holland, cousin to Princess Lady Jennet of England. Her father, was long said to be that of a rogue criminal and common thug whom went by the name of Burdon Ogilvy. The young child’s life was filled with instability as they moved from place to place. Never taking up a residence as their own. And upon the child reaching her Fourth birthday, she had come to recognise 'Old man Ogilvy' as her grandfather, when in truth he was a very, very distant cousin of Burdon's.

The child stayed with Macruer Ogilvy on many occasions as the couple, Charlotte and Burdon, traveled in and out of Scotland and into England and back on many occasions. She became to recognise Macruer's humble home as her own.

One August evening as Charlotte and Burdon were returning from England, they were attacked by a band of thieves. It was said that Burdon had acquired a many enemies in their travels and their deaths were not unexpected to anyone whom ran in the same circles the frequented. Save for their lone child. An orphan at the age of Five.

Macruer, had been entrusted previously to the death of Ceana's parents. And rather than send her to a land and way of life she was unfamiliar with, he took on the burden of the small child.

Having no children of his own, he found a new meaning to his life. He paid for her to become educated as far as education would allow for women. Anything else that could not be paid for when it came to education, he taught her.

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