Caverswall is a castle in the Birmingham area of Renaissance Kingdoms, although in real life it is just outside Stoke-on-Trent, about 50 miles north of Birmingham.

It is owned by Princess Brianna, but has been held in trust by Desideratist since the Princess moved north to Cumberland. Named members of staff are Gerda, Desi's Zamen housekeeper, and James Johnson, the Captain of the Guard.

Described areas of the castle include an upper floor with a wing featuring a tower library, central sitting room and bedrooms to the north and east of the sitting room. There are also an unknown number of hidden passages, one of which Lady Desi uses as a private office and personal military training room, which has an ingenious system of air-holes and mirrors to let air and light in from various parts of the castle, in order to hide the secret room's location.

Notable recent visitors include Sir Julien Delval and Zogdor, and expected soon are McMannanan and Brianna herself.

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