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A ship is used to transport people and cargo from one port to another. A ship can only be built in a port level 2 or higher. However not all ships are equal. Bigger and better ships require more resources and a lvl 3-4 port to build.

Characteristics of types ship

1. Crew - Number of crew needed to man the ship effectively

2. Capacity - amount of goods it can hold

3. Space - Maximum Number of passengers it can hold.

4. Life Points - Amount of damage a ship can take before sinking.

5. Battle Points - The potential amount of damage a ship can do to another ships life points in a battle. Each BP has a 66% chance of taking away 1 life point from the ship it is attacking.

6. Lifespan - it is unclear what lifespan is; however, the most expensive ships have an infinite lifespan.

7 Cost to repair 1 life point - Differs from ship to ship, the bigger the ship the more costly the repair.

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